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VIMOKSH [Sanskrit word for Liberation] is an institute for inner study. It was founded in 2014 in India by Spiritual Guru Sufi Ma Geeta, with its head office in Dubai, UAE. VIMOKSH is a journey within! The ultimate goal of Vedic knowledge is to liberate oneself from the mundane world and live a divinely guided lifestyle.   The institute offers subjects like

1. Karma yoga (the science of use of thoughts)

2. Transcendental knowledge

3. Karma-Wisdom

4. Dhyan-Yoga Meditation and Personal Growth workshops, Yoga training/sessions, Spiritual lessons on topics such as Karma lineage, Emotional healing, and several mediums of training are available at Vimoksh Institute. All courses & workshop aims towards achieving a deeper understanding of oneself. The / our belief is that every SOUL is potentially divine, and this divinity can be manifested by mental detoxification (detoxifying body and mind) through Meditation.

Ma Geeta is an Indian spiritual guide, certified pranic healer, and founder of the Vimoksh foundation, which engages in various activities in the field of spirituality and education. She is a legal advisor by profession. Maa’s journey to enlightenment began at an early age.

Since then, she has been committed to helping people find their spiritual path in accordance with the guidance of her spiritual Gurus (Sri Mahindra Prasad Mishra ji and Sri Har Prasad Mishra ji).

Through Dhyan Yog meditation, Ma encourages a balance between material growth and spirituality, establishing the mind-body connection, and teaching people the purpose of life and how to properly apply the laws of the universe by presenting karma yoga and Bhakti yoga. Holistic healing techniques are used by her to help people heal their own etheric and physical bodies.


About Vimoksh Journey

VIMOKSH Journey Within, [ Sanskrit Name for Liberation ] was founded by Spiritual Guru, Maa Geeta in 2014 in India and also licensed in Dubai, UAE is a transformation organization and non-profit trust offering courses, consultancies, workshops, and products on Transformational Living & Karma Wisdom. Through DhyanYog meditation, healings, and spiritual lessons, individuals are guided to better understand themselves. Topics covered include karmic debts, influences, lineage, blockages, emotional healing, and negative energies in domestic and business life. The belief at VIMOKSH Journey Within is that every soul is divine and can manifest divinity through mental and physical detoxification via meditation and energy healing.

The impact of VIMOKSH Journey Within on participants has been profound. Many have reported increased self-awareness, inner peace, and emotional healing. The teachings and practices have helped individuals release karmic blockages, understand their influences, and connect with their inner divinity.

VIMOKSH Journey Within empowers individuals to break free from the cycle of pain and suffering, transforming their lives and enhancing their well-being. By helping them connect with their true selves and understand that they are more than just their physical bodies, the organization guides them on a path of self-discovery and liberation.

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