Emotional Healings

Emotional healing is the ability to take control of your painful thoughts, feelings and emotions so that they do not interfere with your present moments.

Emotions are a part and parcel of our lives. We experience various emotional distress in all sorts of ways such as anxiety, grief, obsessions, boredom, unresolved anger and agitated mood. We need to heal these emotional responses as early as possible. The purpose of emotional healing is to teach us life lessons on coping and adjustment.

There are moments in life when pain and suffering remind us that there are fragmented parts of ourselves that require mending and therapy. It is a signal that something within you is out of balance and needs your immediate attention, love, and care.

Any blockage we have, whether it is coming from the mind, as in anger, physical as in pain or emotional as in sorrow, causes a fragmentation of the aura, which may appear as leakages or holes  around the aura.

Emotional healing allows us to come to terms with events and circumstances which have occurred in our lives. Once the fragmented aura is healed we are healing not only ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, but healing also takes place on a soul level, or spiritually.

Key Elements in Emotional Healing is done to release past emotional blockages.

Emotional healing is an inward journey to identify and explore your negative feelings, emotional wounds and find the best ways to release them. The process of emotional healing has the following elements.

  • To observe and acknowledge your troubling thoughts and feelings.
  • Get positive cues from it on how to resolve these emotional blockages.
  • Accept those feelings as they are without making judgments.
  • You need to go deeper into your subconscious thoughts to understand the root cause of the problem.
  • To learn coping skills to resolve sorrow, anger or guilt.
  • Grow and develop emotionally on a deeper and spiritual level.
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