Karma Energy Healing

We have often wondered about the true purpose of life. In essence, the main purpose of life is to overcome karma (destiny) and attain abundance in life. Karma Energy Healing is a technique which reveals how everything works through law of karma.Nothing in life happens as a coincidence. There is a specific cause behind every effect you are facing in life. Every action, whether thought or word or physical action, has a consequence.

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We all have karma to deal with—it’s part of why we’re here. Just like lessons in school had to be taught and tested, real life is a school that gives you one lesson after the other; sometimes you can feel lost and overwhelmed without a teacher who tests and analyses your papers. Karma energy healing is all about learning from these lessons and taking practical steps towards designing your life with the guidance of your master.

Karma energy Healing clears the blockages in your energy body.When your vessel has cracks and holes, it will not be able to contain any liquid. Similarly, when you are carrying baggage from past experiences and lives, your vessel which is made up of your physical and energy body, gets impacted over time.

Karma Energy Healing is a  deep healing and meditation technique where one is truly able to let go of stress from blocked emotions and programs  related to relationships/family or finances or health, thereby, healing the chakras, awakening the soul power and finding the ultimate solution.

The goal is to empower you with the  science of karma resolution so that you can be on your highest mindful path, making life happier.


Fundamentals of Karma Healing:  

  • Assess your current circumstances
  • Understand & uncover Family Karma (family karma of yours ancestral blood line from your parents down to you)
  • Rediscover the people, activities and events that bring you joy in life
  • Uncover negative thinking, blocks, and barriers
  • Develop a framework and timeline for moving forward
  • Evaluate your progress at each step

Karma Energy Healing sessions are offered in person and online. 

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