Karmic Reading

Karmic Reading is a unique method of accessing your soul’s history. When the root cause of the karmic disturbances in your life is revealed to you, you will be released from the past, allowing you to live a life of joy aligned with your Soul’s purpose

karmic reading

“Vimoksh journey within: Transforms one’s thoughts, feelings, habits, old patterns, and paradigms. When one changes their feelings, their surroundings change too. A positive outlook on life brings joy. Loneliness is attracted to depressed feelings.


Every person has a story. Each personality is a collection of stories! We take incarnation, to discover and overcome the binding effects of our karmic stories on our soul path, to learn with the story and leave behind the fear, and to learn how to choose harmony, inner fulfillment, and oneness with our Supreme Nature.

Karmic readings help determine compatibility in relationships, it helps in creativity, finances, and leadership as well to offer insight into your spiritual path. It helps you to understand the influences, character, and behavior of yourself and others.
With a karmic reading for a better life, we can help with your work issues or career growth, working with your partner, or getting married. We can help you with the relationships and family disharmony, curses.
Energy exchange (Fee) includes consultation regarding ancestral blockages, karma readings, and issues passes down through the family.

The consultations are done In person/Zoom. Here is the detailed protocol:

You must fill a Questionnaire before the consultation.

Energy Exchange (Fee)  AED 500/-(1HR 30 Mints)

Energy Exchange (Fee)  AED 350/-( 40 Mints)

Any service or course purchased through Tabby will be charged an additional 8%


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