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Guided meditation is a form of meditation which utilizes a number of different techniques to achieve or enhance the meditative state. Its a a type of meditation led by a master, in person or via audio or video.

In a guided meditation, master explains the dynamics of the mind and how it’s likely to behave during meditation. (This is the approach.) The master  may also explain meditation techniques. (This is the practice.) Finally, the master  may explain how to take these techniques into everyday life. (This is the integration.)


Learn to meditate in the comfort of your own home with the live guidance of Sufi Maa Geeta. These deeply restful and healing LIVE meditation sessions are tailored exclusively to your needs and will help you to quickly and confidently learn the skill of meditation so you can relax and settle your nerves, work on specific health issues, find deep and lasting peace, calm a chaotic mind, and feel so much better starting NOW!

Please Note: 

Meditation sessions are LIVE via ZOOM from anywhere in the world

and completely focused on YOU. A recording is made so you can save it and listen to your customized session whenever you like.

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