North West Vastu Doshas (Defects) List

  1. Cut in North West
  2. Water Tank in North West
  3. Kitchen in North West
  4. Dead end in North side of North West corner

These are – the most common – vastudoshas that occur at the North West corner of a home or apartment. Allow us to elaborate more on the issues and problems that the residents of a home may face if they choose to live in a home with such vastu defect.

Problems Cause by North West Vastu Doshas (Defects)

  1. Legal Matters: Police cases, legal matters and court cases arising from clashes within family and with neighbors. It may also lead to imprisonment.
  2. Financial Problems: Defects in North West makes a person over confident and he starts to take wrong decisions (thinking that he is taking the right ones) and this in-turn leads to tremendous financial losses and clashes with others.
  3. Health Related Issues: Lung problems are most commonly reported in houses with North West vastu defects. Ranging from difficulty in breathing, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and other lethal lung related diseases.

Having understood the problems that North West vastu dosh can bring to people residing in such “defected” homes, it’s time now that you move your concentration from problems to solution and learn vastu remedies that you can apply to reduce ill effects of these North West vastudoshas.

Vastu Remedies for North West Doshas:

  1. Place 3 vastu pyramids one each on left and right side of main door and one on top at center.
  2. Place OM, Swatik and Trishul on both sides of home entrance.
  3. Fasting on Mondays will surely help; hence keep fast on Mondays.
  4. Installing a Chandra Yantra (Moon Yantra) is one of the best remedies for North West vastudoshas.
  5. If there’s a cut in North West corner then place 4 vastu pyramids, one each in North, East, West and South part of home.

Vastu tips – house

East-face east while cooking

East – doors of rooms should face east

West- good for kitchen

West – dining room is best

North – never sleep with head facing north

North east or centre – ideal for bhoomi poojan

North and east facing houses are good

North east – pooja room

North & east – under ground water tank

North or east- ideal to face in study room

North or west – ideal for guest room

South east – good for kitchen

East or south – Head should face east or south

South east & north west – good for toilet and bathroom

South & west- good for bedroom

South west – good for elders of the house

South and west  walls walls should be higher than north and east walls

South west – lay foundation from south west

South or west – put almirah in this direction

West and south west – ideal for study room

Bedroom doors should open inside

Kitchen and bathroom door should open outside

Never put crying man,war,angry person,owl,crow or pigeon photos in house

Vastu tips office

Computer room – south –east

Boss – south west facing south-east

Pantry – south-east or north-west

Marketing department – North-west

Cashier – north

Purchase- south or west

Reception – north-east


Account-southeast corner

Purchase-southwest shelf made on south wall

Sales file – in north-west shelf on wall

Rawmaterial southwest shelf

Finishedgoodfiles – northwest shelf

Taxfiles – southwest corner

Import export file – northwest corner shelf

Pending bills( recovery ) – northwest corner.recovery will be fast

Factory vastu

South west portion should be higher

South and west walls should be heavier andtaller than nort and east side walls

Southwest side of plot should be higher than northeat

Open space should be more in nort and east

Slope building roof should be in north andeastside

Waterheadtank should be in southwest or west

Toilets and bathroom should be in south east or north west

Underground watertank – north east

Security guard – facing east or north

Canteen – south east

Temple – north east

Rain water – flow from south to north or west to east

Septic tank – north west or north

Big trees – south and west

Heavy machineries – south and west wall of plot

Main product – should comenout in north or east side

Raw material – procure in south west room

Finished goods – north west side

Despatch – from northwest gate facing east

Owner should sit in south west facing east or north

Lawn or garden should be in east or north side of the plot

Parking- north or east side

Hotels vastu

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