According to astrology, natural components have extraordinary medicinal and healing qualities. Numerous elements have used their mystical qualities to treat human ailments over the last century. The Gomti chakra is one such unique element. In this article, we are going to discuss what Gomti chakras are and what their benefits are. 

Sacred Gomti chakras are frequently used as lucky charms to draw luck and prosperity. They are also known by the names Naag chakra and Shila chakra as well. The Gomati River, a Dwarka tributary of the Ganga River, is home to Gomti chakras in their natural state. These shells are as rare as the Turbinidae family of sea snails. Gomati chakras have little circles on the flat surface and are primarily white in color. Because of their close connection to Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Krishna, gomati chakras are seen as extremely fortunate and beneficial. When worshipping Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, and Lord Krishna, they are frequently used as yantras.

What is Gomti Chakra?

gomti chakra

These Chakra’s is a unique naturally occurring snail-shaped shell that can be found in Gujarat’s Gomti River, a tributary of the holy Ganga River. Because of its unique form, limited availability, and unique origin, the Gomti Chakra is thought to have astrological and spiritual significance. It is a wheel-shaped stone, which is white in color, with little circles on one side that resemble the design of the “Sudarshan Chakra,” Lord Vishnu’s sacred weapon and the strongest weapon in existence. 

What is the origin of the Gomti Chakra?

The origins of these unique stones are the subject of several tales and stories. According to a narrative, Lord Vishnu, as Krishna, planted a little auspicious plant next to the Gomti River to provide his beloved Radha with food and shelter. According to a different story, Gomti chakras are the remains of the meal that Lord Krishna’s adored wife, Satyabhama, made.

According to another story, Lord Vishnu killed the demon Shankhachuda, who had the boon of immortality and could only be killed by the Sudarshan chakra, by using these shells. The demon was killed when Lord Vishnu threw these Gomti chakras at him, piercing his body. Since then, the Gomti chakra has been regarded in Hindu culture as a sign of blessings and auspiciousness.

Importance of Gomti Chakra 

Gomti chakras are regarded as the goddess Lakshmi’s symbol. Any home where this chakras are considered sacred and are kept and worshipped is thought to be blessed with wealth, prosperity, and good health. They are similar to Lord Vishnu’s weapon or the Sudarshan chakra. It is considered to be very auspicious and advantageous to worship the Shaligram and the Gomti Chakras together at home.

Benefits Of Gomti Chakra 

How To Use Gomti Chakras?

In order to bring good fortune and faith to them, many devotees adorn their bodies with Gomti chakras. It is also believed that this chakras protect children, while adults benefit from money, success, and good health. These chakras can be carried in wallets or bags, or worn on the body as jewelry like bracelets, pendants, or rings. They can also be used to attract wealth, luck, and other spiritual benefits by being placed at a house, workplace, store, cash box, entryway, or work desk. 

Place the Gomti Chakra in your office or on your desk at work. It can also be kept in your purse or wallet, particularly in the area where you put your money.

Some devotees put incense sticks in front of the Gomti Chakra to attract positive energy; others make prayers or just seek its spiritual presence.

Keep the Chakra in your hands and practice meditation. While you engage in this activity, consider ideas about professional and business success.

Placing these Chakra in the southeast corner of your house or place of business is said to bring prosperity by harmonizing with the flow of energy (chi), according to Chinese philosophy and Feng Shui concepts.


Found in the Gomti River, the Gomti Chakra is a little white shell that resembles the shape of the holy Sudarshan Chakra. Its medicinal and spiritual qualities make it highly valued. Many people believe that it brings prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. As a charm that guards against evil energy, it is frequently used. To balance energies in homes, this Chakras are also beneficial for this. Gomti Chakras are for people looking for positivity, safety, and peace in their lives, these shells are simple to use and carry while still having cultural and spiritual importance.

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