Buy Original Emerald Stone (पन्ना) Online at Best Price

د.إ 1,279.93

Color- Green
Weight – 5.84 Ct
Shape & Cut – Oval facetted

Website may vary a little from the actual price

All gemstones are certified from Indian Government Lab


The Emerald stone symbolizes prosperity, growth, and renewal, offering spiritual connection and abundance. Mined from the earth, these exquisite stones embody nature’s beauty and abundance, cherished for their rarity and elegance.

How Does Emerald (पन्ना) Stone Works?

Emerald Stone harmonizes your energy, aligning you with abundance and growth. It enhances prosperity, love, and intuition, empowering manifestation. Numerologically linked to 5, it encourages change and adventure. By wearing Emerald Stone, invite positive energy and embrace endless possibilities.

Who Can wear Emerald Stone?

Emerald Stone suits Taurus, Gemini, and Libra, resonating well with these signs. Numerology links it to the number 5, symbolizing freedom and adventure. Anyone seeking balance, harmony, or abundance can benefit from wearing Emerald Stone. Consult an astrologer before wearing. Contact us for a free consultation to find your perfect stone.

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Q- What are the astrological benefits of wearing Emerald Stone?

Emerald Stone is associated with the planet Mercury, making it beneficial for enhancing communication, intellect, and creativity. Astrologically, wearing Emerald Stone is believed to promote clarity of thought, emotional balance, and harmonious relationships.

Q- Which zodiac signs benefit most from wearing Emerald Stone?

Individuals born under the zodiac signs of Taurus, Gemini, and Libra are said to benefit most from wearing Emerald Stone, as it resonates particularly well with these signs. However, Emerald Stone can bring positive effects to anyone seeking balance, harmony, and abundance in their lives.

Q- Can Emerald Stone help attract abundance and prosperity?

Yes, Emerald Stone is often associated with abundance, growth, and prosperity. It is believed to attract wealth and success while promoting a sense of abundance and well-being. By wearing Emerald Stone, individuals may experience increased opportunities and financial stability.


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