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د.إ 871.44

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Color- Green
Weight – 3.26 Ct
Shape & Cut – Oval faceted

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All gemstones are certified from Indian Government Lab


Emerald stone is gemstone variety comes in green and greenish blue variety of mineral beryl. It is also known as a Panna it is believed to strengthen and heal the heart and kidney. Top quality of emerald stone are more expensive than the diamonds.

Benefits After Wearing Emerald Stone

Emeralds are supposed to have a calming effect on emotions, promote balance and harmony. It is believed to reduce anxiety and tension, providing a sense of calm and relaxation. Many people turn to emeralds for emotional support during difficult times. It also improves your communication skills, builds stronger relationships, increases mental clarity, improves physical health, and so on.

Who Can Wear Emerald Stone?

Emerald stones are suitable for Gemini (Mithun) and Virgo (Kanya) people, according to Vedic astrology. The ascendants of Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn can also wear it. It is a May birthstone, therefore anyone born in the month of May can wear it.

Who Should Not Wear Emerald Stone?

Emerald stone is not suitable for Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius people; they should avoid wearing emerald stones because they may not work for them and may bring them harm that they are unaware of. If they wear the stone, they must ensure that it does not come into contact with their skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- How do you know if emerald does not fit you?

If the emerald stone does not fit you, you may experience skin irritation after wearing it, such as rashes and redness where the stone touches your skin.

Q- How to Check the Quality of Emerald?

The most valuable emeralds are very transparent. Their color is equally dispersed, with no noticeable color zoning. If the color is too much yellowish or too bluish, the stone is not an emerald, but rather a different type of beryl, and its value decreases proportionately.

Q- Which Finger to Wear Emerald Ring for Male

The most common way to wear an emerald stone is as a ring, usually set in silver or gold. For getting better result you should wear it on the right hand’s little finger. Some astrologer also consider wearing the ring on the ring finger of the right hand.



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