Get Original Yellow Sapphire (Phukraj) Online at Best Price

د.إ 871.44

Color- Lite Yellow
Weight – 6.38 Ct
Shape & Cut- Cushion Mixed

Website may vary a little from the actual price

All gemstones are certified from Indian Government Lab


Yellow Sapphire is also known as Pukhraj, Lite Yellow Sapphire has a subtle yet attractive charm that lifts the spirit and shines the soul. Produced from the bottom of the earth, each Lite Yellow Sapphire stone represents positivity and light, offering wearers peace and calm. A classic gem that symbolizes happiness and sunlight, light yellow sapphires can be used as jewelry or kept as talismans.

How the Lite Yellow Sapphire Works?

Lite Yellow Sapphire helps the user connect with the Sun’s energy, creating inner peace and joy. Astrologically, Lite Yellow Sapphire is associated with optimism, vitality, and expressing yourself, making it an ideal choice for people seeking to spread motivation and attract money into their lives. Wearing Lite Yellow Sapphire helps people connect with their inner light and appreciate life’s treasures with love and joy.

Benefits of Wearing Yellow Sapphire

Benefits of wearing Lite Yellow Sapphire are:

  1. Improve health and wealth
  2. Good for your mental health
  3. Get happiness in your life
  4. Reduce your anger
  5. Enhance your financial status
  6. Improve your social status
  7. Make you attractive
  8. Saved you from dark things


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Q- which rashi can wear Pukhraj (Lite Yellow Sapphire)?

Phukraj, Yellow Sapphire is most beneficial for the peoples who belongs to the Sagittarius (Dhanu) and Pisces (Meena) Rashi which are controlled by Jupiter, the planet connected with Pukhraj. However, it is always suggested to talk with an experienced astrologer before wearing the gemstone to ensure compatibility with one’s horoscope.

Q- Disadvantages of Wearing Lite Yellow Sapphire.

If the Yellow Sapphire is milky inside, it should not be purchased since it may cause physical injury to the user. It is said that yellow sapphire stones that are irregular and rough to the touch would bring bad luck.




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