Buy Certified and Original Yellow Sapphire (Phukraj) Online

د.إ 1,967.55

Color – Yellow
Weight- 5.89 Ct
Shape & Cut – Oval faceted

Website may vary a little from the actual price

All gemstones are certified from Indian Government Lab


Yellow Sapphire, also known as Phukraj, has the ability to protect against evil energies while also fulfilling your desires. It is especially beneficial for women in professions such as teaching and law, as well as those looking for stress relief. Yellow sapphire also has some healing properties, such as improving kidney health, weight loss, and spiritual awareness.

Yellow Sapphire Valuable?

Yes, yellow sapphire is increasing in value. It is a safe investment, and you may find great value in colored gemstones. It has the ability to assist you with your financial problems as well as a variety of healing powers that can help you maintain good health. It is especially beneficial for women who want to relieve stress while also growing professionally. It helps in professions such as teaching and law.

Disadvantage of Yellow Sapphire.

If you receive a Yellow Sapphire, you will experience sudden pain and bowling moments in your stomach after wearing the Original Yellow Sapphire (Phukraj) stone. This is a clear indication that the Yellow Sapphire stone is showing its side effects. It is also cause diarrhea, loose motions and pain in your stomach.

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Q- Who should not wear Phukraj (yellow sapphire)?

Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, and Capricorn astrological signs should avoid wearing Yellow Sapphire stones.

Q- Is the Yellow Sapphire good for marriage life?

All married women’s who want a peaceful and a happy married life should wear a yellow sapphire to ensure a happy family.

Q- How to Identify the Fake Yellow Sapphire?

To identify the fake yellow sapphire get the stone and place under a bright light and view it through a 10x jewelers loupe. If you see any round bubbles in the yellow sapphire gemstone it could be fake.



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